Real Friends


Why do you speak about others in this way?
I have so many questions for you
What happened to make you like this?
When you speak.
When your mind is always closed
and your mouth is always open.
I want to help, something is wrong
for you to behave this way, it has to be.

Did somebody hurt you?
I wish you could see women as your tribe
as your allies.
Because there is enough hurt in this world already.
Because having allies gives you your strength
Because being part of this tribe is a happier place.

I would die without my tribe.
Strong women, kind women,
compassionate, warm women.
Women who support each other
Who encourage, who never speak a negative word
about each other.

These are friends you need, real friends.
I wish I could show you how life is on this side,

if you could only let somebody in.




  1. You know what’s SO WEIRD I read this and I had run out of likes so I couldn’t like it and then I did something on my phone and lost it and now I’m back and the most odd thing is I didn’t know YOU wrote it! Ha! Well i totally relate to this. I have never EVER understood why anyone least of all a friend should talk behind another person’s back – I think gossip is the undermining undercurrent of the worst of humanity and whilst I’m not totally without taint as I think none of us are, I strive so hard not to talk ever badly about people (unless they are really like you know, Hitler, Trump et al) and to realize there are ALWAYS two sides to things. That said (big tongue in cheek) I did read the riot act to a group the other day for excluding because so often groups and cliques exclude others in a purposeful judging way even without speaking they do it. So I totally get this. Well said my friend, well said.

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    1. I was on a rampage of likes! tee hee! I usually don’t! I think I got carried away! 😉 I do not understand how women can be each others worst enemy if we stood together imagine what we might accomplish?

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