You can’t tell me anything

You came, blazing into my life,
like a comet
A tornado of destruction
you controlled everything.
In that charming way that you do

Every weakness, exploited.
Every sensation seeking behaviour,
I had tried to lock away,
you brought back to me
at such speed it made my head spin

You were out of control
You were fire and ice
You were lost, lonely, frightened and angry.

Your mother left you
a sensation seeker herself.
Your father taught you it was weak to cry,

be a man
, he said

You drank yourself into oblivion
with me, a faithful puppy at your side

You dragged me into hell with you
all morals, forgotten

Those nights we spent
forgetting the world
only to wake up feeling wretched and lost
lonely in your company

I am sorry I deserted you.
I just couldn’t watch you hurt yourself anymore.
I needed to recover from you
I hope you are recovering too.



  1. I am so GLAD you are an over-thinker as you put it because things like THIS HERE come from such contemplation. And you’ve really described the toxicity of people so well and why they come to that point.

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    1. I agree it is possible to be a bit of a magnet for this but it’s not a criticism of you or me, it’s just that we have more time for dysfunction and we care, and some people know how to abuse that.

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      1. Very true. I think that is why anyone who is an empath will try dearly to help those who may during their need, hurt them not so much because they want to but because they too hurt?

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