Closer to the Sun

Where have you been,
of late?

Lost in your memories.
Lost in your trauma.
Forgotten pain,
repressed horror.
Returning like a flaming meteor,
to occupy your every thought,
your every action

Push them all away
They can’t hurt you then.

And you do have a choice,
don’t you?
You can continue to hide
in fear,
of everyone, everything.

You can continue
to allow yourself to be overwhelmed,
by the rushing madness
of your mind.

Or you can come back to the world.
Stop being so afraid.

They hate you.
Nobody even likes you.
Nobody will understand your pain.
They will lie to you.

You are a terrible human being.

But perhaps, just perhaps,
they can relate to
a little vulnerability.

Perhaps anxiety
is everywhere around you.
Perhaps we are all battling similar demons.

And perhaps hearing their positivity
has lifted you a little,
from the wretched depths you were reaching.
Brought you a little closer to the sun.
A little nearer to the surface.
So you’re able to breathe again,
trust a little more.
And maybe life isn’t over,
after all.




  1. This is so beautiful x what a strong message 💛 Anxiety IS all around us, as we all battle demons, some of them are larger and uglier than other people’s demons, but we are all cut pretty much from the same cloth. I hope you’re feeling ok tonight 💪

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  2. we all have demons to battle. The fact that you are able to so eloquently express your emotions, work through tough topics, put yourself out there is–as you well know by now–this poet’s pleasure to experience. Write On!

    I really liked “by the rushing madness
    of your mind.”

    it can get like that sometimes.

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