Silence & Noise

So much noise.
Computer games.
Overpowering my chaotic mind.
I need to retract into my shell,
hide from the relentless sound

When did we forget
the power of silence,
the peace of contemplation.
To listen to forces internal,
and the wisdom to be found,
when we listen to our inner knowing.

Overstimulation exhausting our minds.
Bombarded with,
You should look like this
You should think this way
You shouldn’t dream too much
You are too idealistic

Just get on with it
Don’t think too much

And why can’t I dream,
of empathy across all barriers,
of kindness to all living beings.
Regardless of race,
Orientation, religion, species.

Is it wrong that I need to be silent,
Is it wrong that I’m happiest,
when alone with my thoughts,
in the outdoors.

The rustle of autumn leaves
beneath my feet.
The quiet babble of a stream
I never knew was on my doorstep.

Discovering a lake so peaceful.
Accidentally disturbing
the feathered residents
I didn’t mean to frighten you,
I’m just exploring
this peaceful world you inhabit.

I am enthralled and humbled
by the beauty in every living thing I see.
Emotion rises in my chest,
wells in my eyes.
And oh how grateful I am,
to be alive today.

I wish you could appreciate it
with me.



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