To my Partner

It’s in these moments,
when we laugh together.
Doing nothing much
of anything
on a Saturday afternoon.

You do impressions
of people on tv
I make your favourite dinner,
answer questions
on your favourite quiz show.

It’s in these moments,
the mundane everyday,
when I realise for certain,
that I’ve found
one of the best ones.

And yes, your mood swings
drive me crazy.
You are impossible,
You are indifferent,
far away,
cold as ice,

But it’s in these moments,
when I look at our lives now.

I remember how you lifted me
from the darkest corners
of my character.

I remember
the person I was,
before there was you.
A person I didn’t respect.
A person I tried to destroy.

The wretched solitude
of a life consumed
by alcohol, by drugs,
by trying to forget.

By those friends,
who were never really
my friends at all.

I remember how lost I was.
I remember how you found me.

And even now,
when I could scream at you
for the parts of you
I have yet to understand.

I look at you,
I see the purity of your soul.
I know you will never betray me.
And I am finally safe,
in this home we’ve built together.



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