She is fading away,
right before your eyes.

Have you noticed?

She is becoming invisible.
Screaming out to you.
Standing alone,
behind this wall of ice
that you built.

You can see her shadow,
feel her sorrow,
But you cannot hear her words.
Despite her pleas for you to listen.

She is fading from view,
unable to recognise herself anymore.
A mirror with no reflection.
A body without a soul.
A flower without its bloom.

Can she even remember
the last time she felt
like a whole person?

When was that??
How did it feel?

Can she even feel anything anymore.
Anything resembling love.
Anything resembling hope.
Anything except
this all consuming rage,
this pitiful wretchedness.

Wearing her mask
of rosy cheeks,
a ‘sunny disposition’.
A cheery smile.
Barely hiding the sorrow,
these days.

Knocking at the ice.
Striking it with her fists.
Screaming at you
to hear her.

But you’re too busy,
staring at a screen,
aren’t you.




  1. Good friend’s birthday. Sent her a message to say happy birthday having not spoken for a few weeks… this post strikes a chord. Hope you have a good day

    Liked by 1 person

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