Eyes open.
You find yourself at the edge
of a lake.
Black ripples hug your ankles,
seem to pull you in.
A thick mist hangs in the air.
A sense of foreboding.
An eerie silence.

You try to make out
the trees in the distance.
Their charred remains
twisting toward the sky,
like boney fingers
reaching for a light
that will never come.

And you see them.
The figures.
Contorting in the water,
wailing and shrieking,
moaning and cowering.

Are they even human

Across the water,
a figure.
Shrouded in black.

You meet his eye
and he races towards you.
Gliding across the water,
as if time is moving too fast.

He passes through you,
staff in hand.
The deep caverns of his eyes,
boring into your soul

As if the camera has turned,
you see yourself.
21 years old,
a hoodie and jeans.
Stepping away from yourself
not recognising you anymore

Body and soul,

You watch your young self
back away into the mist.

And you see yourself,
no longer a human.
Your blonde locks,
faded into straggling wisps of grey.

Your eyes,
hollow and empty.
They were never blue before.

You raise your hands to cover your face.
Wrists, pale and almost translucent.
Blue veins ceasing
to provide human life anymore.

You cover your face in horror,
consumed by terror,
Shrinking back into yourself,
lost forever.

Like the rest of them.



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