People Pleasing

You said it was time to stop
being a ‘people pleaser’.

How did you sum me up so quickly?
I wonder.

I tell you about my past, a little.
Tell you about my family, a little.

If I share my anger,
people won’t like me.

I will take your words on board
and say ENOUGH.

I will give my truth.

It will hurt.
It will cause damage.
It will get worse before it gets better.
And this anger will course through me
like a raging storm at sea.

Waves will crash.
Trees will fall.
Debris will be lifted from the depths,
rising to the surface
to be pounded by the harsh waters.

Hidden memories will be lifted,
broken into tiny pieces,
Finally lifted from these furious waves,
rising into the night air.

Shadows of my heart.
Clouds form above the waves,
Full of this rage.
Full of this pain I hide.

Damaging, dark shadows,
haunting me for too long.
Oh the secrets I’ve kept.
To protect who?!
Why have I been hiding for so long?
Why have I told myself that I don’t matter?
I do matter.

And surely, as these darkest of secrets
reach the air,
out in the wind where
there is nowhere to hide,
nowhere to bury them…

Soft, forgiving winds will surely carry them,
far away from this ocean,
where they have been lost for so many years.
Buried in the sand,
never to be spoken of.

I will say goodbye to them,
Tell them, 
I don’t need their darkness

The storm will end,
the waters will calm,
the clouds will lift.
And the sun may shine
it’s warmth on my face,
once again.



  1. Oh my this is just fabulous! I have watched you come slowly full roar and it’s so very lovely to see. You rock it! Really inspiring. So happy for You. And how you write what you ? Fantastic

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your blog came up on my recs. 🙂 I truly appreciate your writes. My blog is private, but you’re more than welcome to join, if you ever wish. Just click the request link and I’ll grant access.

    Thank you for sharing. Your way with words is deep, yet it doesn’t bog me down. 🙂

    Happy New Year

    ~Just Me

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