It’s all about me.
Does that make me sound a little
self absorbed?

No my love.
Someone else’s words.

And you hide it very well.
Your suffering,
your sorrow,
your loneliness.

And despite your smile,
your diary
jam packed with activities,

Taking the girls here,
a gym class,
a shopping spree.
A day out,
a holiday.

Despite all of this,
I see you.

I can see you hiding.
I can see you
making excuses for him.

Every time you speak
and he invalidates you.
Every time you suggest
something fun,
and he shoots you down.

Sitting at a family occasion,
looking like he’d rather be
anywhere else, than there.

Oh he was just joking though.

it was just a little flutter though.

But you stick by the people you love,
don’t you.

I wish you would let somebody in.

But I have to accept,
I can’t be everyone’s saviour.



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