“If we truly love someone,
do we try to fit them into our mould
of what we think they should be?”

Have you been trying to impose
your strict set of values
onto this person?

Did you not fall for them
for everything
they already are?

“He said he always felt
nothing was good enough for me”

I am listening,
for the first time,
my heart is open.

And these are your own values,
are they not?

Where did they come from?
Are they correct?
And what even is the right way?
Why should you expect this person
to change for you?

Is it not your own responsibility,
to shape your view,
experience your reality,
with the blinkers off?

This mask you have worn,
your entire life.
This mask they created
for you.
You will rip it from your skin,
You will see clearly again.

Make sure you spend time
on the things most precious to you.
Make sure you don’t lose
the things you love.

Is that not why they fell for you
in the first place?

You are all the things
that make you who you are.

Would you change for them?

They bring you peace.
They bring you simplicity.
They pull you out of
your own dark chasm.
They bring you humour.
They bring you loyalty,
of the kind
you haven’t experienced before.

And yes they will make mistakes.
Just like you have.

Do not be pressured
to fit the expectations
of those who display
love and anger as one.

Follow your heart.
Wait for the right time
for all things to happen.

Live your own experience
with integrity
and truth.
And you will feel the peace
of a congruent life.

Surely this will work to resolve
the ailments of your heart.

These practices
will surely aid you
in this journey
to success.

And what do you see as success?

You want to feel confidence.
You want to feel self-esteem.
You want peace, self-acceptance,

And can you pin those desires
solely on the behaviour of another?



  1. You’re getting it! You got it! Holy hell, I still remember the poem you wrote about you in the bar with the grimy old guys, and to evolve to the last two poems you wrote today? It’s a thing of beauty to watch you evolve you know that? If anyone I have been with you the longest. I am so happy for you. Friggin almost crying over here. It’s time to change your blog name. You are not a no face woman anymore, not fucking nearly holy hell!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Read your first post and you tell me how far you’ve come! Trust me, you need to keep pressing. Stop ignoring your gut! If you read my early November comments you’ll see I saw your angst and what you needed to do. Oh please, go look in the mirror NOW, smile and tell yourself that yes indeed, you are almost home! Love where your going…keep it up! Life is her then we will all die, what will the rest of your life look like?

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Gosh my friend this is SO true. I agree with your friend, Rob, I think you have come far and have far to go (a compliment, many do not wish to keep evolving toward the light) and so it’s easy to suggest we have a lot of work to do but we should also be proud of that which we achieve. xo Lovely work my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

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