I Haven’t Forgotten

You arrived in my life
by chance.
Always existing,
Never recognised.
You wrote in your journal
of me.

‘Beautiful anime eyes’,
you said.

I was flattered
by your admittance.

You admired me from afar.
I was lost, wayward,
the lover of someone else,
back then.

How I treasured those evenings.
One earphone each.
Listening to Bloc Party,
on my balcony.
How we’d talk of lost love.
Our insecurities.
Our fears.

That awkward first outing,
Was that a date??

This love we have
was never built on a fairytale.
We have had no Hollywood
movie romance.
There was no
love at first sight.
No waiting game,
No love letters.

But what we do have,
is this love,
of our very own.
A love built
on an iron foundation.
Me at my worst,
You at your kindest.

You lift me so gently,
from these darkest
of chasms.
The places I venture,
when alone with my thoughts.
Places that fill me with dread.

You bring light
Where there is only darkness
Joy, where there is only sorrow.
You do not suffer
my anxieties,
my muddled thoughts,
my confusions,
my past traumas.

You laugh at me,
and I escape with you.
Life becomes simpler.
The noise in my head,

And I am safe,
in this sanctuary
we have built together.



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