10 things about ‘no face woman’

1. I’m from the North of England and was born and bred in Yorkshire.

2. I have a very fluffy cat who is my best buddy and confidante. Animals are the best at keeping secrets.

3. The name ‘no face woman’ is inspired by the character No Face from Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘Spirited Away’. I identify deeply with his character, the analysis of which you can read here if you’re interested.


4. My favourite films are Mean Girls, Memoirs of a Geisha, Life of Pi and Spirited Away.

5. I really love trash TV. I know it’s nonsense, but it helps me to disconnect from my sometimes overwhelming thoughts.

screen-shot-2017-02-11-at-21-08-516. I was born without tonsils.

7. I love swimming and am happiest when submerged in water.

8. My favourite thing to eat is hot chicken in a crusty roll with lots of butter.

9. My favourite colours are green and that sort of rusty copper colour you see a lot in Autumn.

10. I write because I find it difficult to talk to people about how I’m really feeling. Getting thoughts out of my head is hugely cathartic for me.

Thank you to Rob @ Just Ruminating for inspiring me to share a little more than usual today.



    1. It’s not silly. You blog in a distinct style…almost like you’re the no face woman character…but the softer everyday things about you are lovely to read about too 😘 I love all your posts. You could write the phone book and I’d love it ☺ X

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        1. Thanks lovely. Sometimes I say “eek” when I read my blog back 😂 and occasionally I delete posts and think ‘what was I thinking when I wrote that’ 😂 but I cannot write with any conscious thought. I have to let my voice flow out as it is. My blog is a public extension of me. 💛💖😊

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      1. Too long. My grandfather was from Aberdeen in Scotland. My father used to do a bit of business in London. We fell as Gandalf would. My brother’s death by misadventure and inconclusive police reports (conflicting) had a lot to do with our ostracism. Like good Scottish blood… we survive. My head is also very hard… could drink for weeks without sleep somewhere like old school Glasgow. Used to know a lot of pubs around Britain. Mainly Oxford and Gloucester

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          1. Cool. The sun likes you guys. English skin goes brown under our sun. Beaches are best in Sydney and Queensland. Here in Melbourne we have to drive at least an hour and a bit to hit a decent beach

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          2. Plenty of venues etc… entertainment. Very micromanaged though. A lot of political correctness. It is just about criminal to have no money. Alternative views and politics have been micromanaged through the venues and cultural scenes…. then saturated with booze to keep most from seeing how it’s actually moving and where… interesting times

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          3. Hmmm…. some of it is very simple. People from my world would never see it. As I said… my family fell. My father was a first class cricketer. Frank Tyson got him involved in cricket in your part of the world when Dad was still a teenager. He was with the ACB for a long time and several friends have been on the ICC. I rub shoulders with the most marginalized because I fell and recovered nearly 2 decades ago. The establishment banked on me going the same way as my brother. I have a lot of friends. About 3 of them I trust 😄

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          1. Oh, definitely… it’s one of the reasons I don’t have a smartphone [luddite that I am]… to just get out into the Derbyshire/S Yorks natural beauty with no active links to the online world has been a wee bit of a lifesaver in recent years.
            Haha yes, another border collie for me would be a good companion… maybe one day. 🙂

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          1. I lived for a while in a village called Nailsworth. Good place. These days I am in Melbourne, Australia. Summer will end here as we go into easter. The Trump presidency is bound to affect how many of us work here in the next year. Frankly though I am sure that another Clinton government would been another hard grind of many bad problems not changing

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          2. I know Nailsworth well[!] I’ve got friends there who made me an honorary Forest Green Rovers fan — for my sins. 😉 I do love it down there.
            Melbourne is certainly a change! Actually, it’s named indirectly after a Derbyshire village that I visit occasionally [and which is a much different place, I’m sure].

            Yes, it’s hard to say what the changes will be, isn’t it? I know what you’re saying; I’m still trying to understand the whole Trump thing from both sides, but I do think that something was going to give, sooner or later, with regard to voters’ unhappiness with the DC status quo.

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  1. I adored you before I knew these things about you – now just more reason to realize why I think you ROCK – yes girl you are awesome and all good people seem to hail from the North that’s just HOW IT IS xoooooooooooooooooo(love this post)

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    1. I’ve literally started watching them! The first two so far, the ranking one and the app one! Where have I been! Lol .. I have haven’t I! That’s reading your great articles! Caught your vibe!! .. looks as though I’ve got a New Netflix Gig for the Spring! 💜 xxx

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