The Lost

Take a step back
from the injustice of being ignored.
From the anger you feel
when they dismiss you
so readily.

Are you so forgettable?
They have met you so many times,
had so many conversations with you,
yet they still blank you in the corridor.

They are more important than you.
Unless you deliver a service,
you are invisible.

I know it makes you furious inside.
I know it defies
everything you know to be true
about the human species.

I know you believe in kindness,
in showing respect,
regardless of class, background
job title, hierarchy.

But they cannot see what they do.

Try to remember,
they are lost.
And aren’t we all
just trying to find our place?
Trying to make our mark?

Try not to feel
anger toward them.
This is their world
and their right to decide
what is important.
Who are you to judge them?
Nobody at all.

Perhaps you are in the wrong ocean.
You cannot force yourself
to be passionate about
things you perceive to be so unimportant.

Spreadsheets and deadlines.
SLAs and databases.
Directors and stakeholders
everyone is afraid of.

Afraid of
getting it wrong,
being the weakest in the flock.
Missing a deadline,
not being the best.

You watch in wonder,
so fiercely competitive.
Trying to knock each other down,
and for what?
This must be a challenging world
to inhabit.

The ego is a clever demon,
pulling us into our heads,
until we cannot see
anything beyond our own thoughts,
our own self importance.

And usually,
you have enough patience
to just let it go,
but not this week.
You are in a different space.
Is this your ego, taking over?

Just ride it out,
practise gratitude,
practise forgiving.
And the anger will subside,
the resentment will melt away.
You will remember this is not who you are,
and you will come back to yourself again.



  1. You have no idea how much this poem means to me, so I will tell you. Every word you just wrote here is a manifestation of the very internal thought war in my mind. Your very wording – database, SLA, etc. is as if you plucked it from me! Funny enough, I said almost the exact words to my psychologist earlier – that I just don’t care anymore. It’s driving me crazy, and I am tired of it. She asked me “well, what is so bad, so terrifying to you about being crazy?” I said, “Anymore, nothing…every person I admire, the most deeply creative people I know all struggle with something, and it’s as if the very universe is begging me to accept and embrace my mind instead of fighting it. “

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    1. You and I seem encumbered by the same struggles. Debt is my biggest worry, as well. I’m still struggling trying to just…make it work alone. Finances aren’t a strength especially with impulsivity. You’re right though, we cannot allow others to buffet our sails!

      Liked by 3 people

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