Self Esteem

Do not lose heart,
my love.

Not everyone recognises
a thing of wonder
when they see it,
and all that glitters
is not gold.

You are in a world
of ‘buzz words’,
of tactical language,
of networking your way
to the top.

And perhaps you are meant
for a different world.
A less vacuous world.
A world, where you don’t have to pretend
in order to be valued.
Where you don’t have to ‘brown nose’
a person in power.

I know it hurts to be rejected.
And it is clear
that you have so much value
to bring to anyone who is
fortunate enough to know you,
as I do.

But perhaps, the most precious
of jewels
are meant only for certain eyes to see.
And those who know you
are blessed every day
to have found this most precious gift
in you.

And when I look back
at those I loved
before you,
there is no comparison to make.
Nothing can compare,
to the peace you bring to my heart,
the joy you bring to my life.

And perhaps I don’t say it enough,
but to me, you are everything.

Do not lose heart,
my love.

You are gentle.
You are charismatic.
You have humility of the rarest kind.
You are pure of heart.
And you deserve
everything you want
from this life.

Perhaps, this wasn’t the right step
for you.
Perhaps, the best opportunity
is just around the corner.

And (for the record),
it doesn’t matter to me
what you earn,
how you look,
what you wear,
whatever you think about
who you are.

I will stand by you.
I will never leave you.
You are everything.
And we can weather any storm



no face woman © 2017



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