It comforts me
to hear your approval,
to hear your acceptance,
after all this time.

And despite being grown up,
I still want to please you.

Perhaps in the past,
your own preconceptions
clouded your judgement
of the one I have chosen.

Perhaps it has taken this time
to get you to see
what I can see.

That it doesn’t matter
if you have a degree or not,
if you earn above or below 
the average wage,
if you tick every box on paper.

It doesn’t matter
what your background is,
if you know your parents,
if you consider social class,
or not.

Because none of it means anything,
if they are not pure of heart.

And the one I have chosen,
is the purest of hearts
I could have sought.

I see little of value,
in career, wealth,
If the fundamental principles
I hold dearest
are not present
in those around me.

And the qualities I see
in this, my ‘better half’
every day,
are the most beautiful of all,
to my mind.

I see humility.
I see kindness.
I see brutal honesty.
I see steadfast loyalty.

I see a person
who made me want to be stronger.
I see purity
that was infectious to my soul.
I see a person who improved my life
just by sharing their heart with me.

And no, I do not need
a large house or a sports car.
I do not need designer clothes,
5 star luxury,
veneers and a plastic surgeon.
I do not need
social media status,
recognition or power.

All I need, is a small space
to call my own.
Good friends.
Strong women, kind men.
Wisdom and knowledge,
compassion and understanding.
And the person I cherish
by my side every day.

If I am permitted
to keep these most precious of blessings,
how could I want for anything more?

no face woman © 2017



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