Friendship & Laughter

Has a little of you
started to return?

You have felt melancholy for so long.
You had forgotten
how much you love to laugh.

Perhaps you have finally learnt
who to surround yourself with,
in order to raise your spirits.

Perhaps you have finally let go
of the ties to negativity.
You have been holding them close
for far too long.

Perhaps you are finally healing
from the wounds
you buried so deep.

And yes, this week,
you have laughed!
You have laughed until you cried.
You remembered
that you are fucking funny.
When you’re not
entrenched in your
thought whirlwinds,
that spin you around,
until you’re out of control.

You were the life and soul.
You felt like socialising again.
You have made a few plans,
(but not too many)
and you didn’t cancel them.

You went into an actual shopping centre.
Sat in a public place with other humans
and ate Vietnamese street food,
with more than one friend.

You successfully navigated a group situation,
without making anyone hate you,
and without hating yourself.

Don’t neglect to recognise
that this is real progress.

Pray this isn’t just a temporary high.

And keep laughing!
it’s good for you.



no face woman © 2017



    1. I wish that for you – but in the meantime enjoy the respite you deserve that and if in doubt eat chocolate that helps me 😉 either way I always wish you as much happiness as you can get out of this life, and I send you a big hug for you from me my friend

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    2. I get worried due to the same. Its just an inner voice of self protection. Its so good you are feeling so great, appreciate it while it lasts. Life is full of ups and downs though I don’t think once the healing has happened that we ever go as far down again.

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  1. From the writer’s perspective, it seems a bit of a surprise but remembered as a familiar lost part
    I will consider myself lucky to have encounters with that side of me much of the time even in despair. I try not to hold too tightly to periods as they pass, just to enjoy them as they inevitably do

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