Tiny Heart

You are granted this time on earth,
old soul.
To live, to survive,
to hurt, to suffer.
To learn
and to grow.

Do not be afraid
of the darkness.
Do not spend your time,
worrying about
what the future may hold.

Yes, there are many monsters,
waiting for you to trip.
But fear them not,
little one,
for you are only small
in this world.
And you have lived many lives
before this.

You have wandered
this earth,
time and again.
Each journey,
a new lesson
to be learned.

And how difficult
it must be for you,
to find anyone
you can relate to.

Yes, I am double your age
in human years,
but I see the age of your soul
when I look into your eyes.

You are not persuaded
by the normal trappings
of society.
For one so young,
you hold great knowledge,
great power.
You will learn how to channel it.

You have a gift
for sound
I could only dream of.
You have foresight
most rare, for someone
of so few years
on this earth.

Take heart in knowing
that I am here too.
I see all that you see.
I know you recognise
the suffering
of every living being,
because I feel it too.

We are sisters.
By blood and by heart.
I will always protect you.
I will be with you,
in this life and in lifetimes to come.
I will never leave you.

This is my promise to you.




no face woman © 2017



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