Enough Now

Oh how quickly you fall,
my love.

You should have known,
that elation always comes
before the plummet.

How many signs do you need,
before you accept
that you simply need to
let go.

Let go
of all that has become familiar.
All of your crutches.
All of your vices.
They cannot help you.
And neither can anybody else.

You are familiar
with soaring to great heights,
believing you can do anything.
And you are all too familiar
with how suddenly
the feeling fades.
How suddenly you are drawn
back into the chaos
you try to pretend you have evaded.

And how else to silence a mind
that won’t stop talking?
How to take a moments reprise
from all that plagues you?
The rushing self doubt.
The deafening cry of your thoughts.

And who does it help
when you self medicate
to forget?
Does it help you?
Or does it make everything worse?

You already know the answers.

And now, you need courage.
Courage to say ‘no’.
Courage to be honest.
Courage to accept all that you are.
Courage to admit your weakness
to friends, to family.
Courage to ask for their support.

I know you don’t want to,
I know you fear even being honest
with yourself.
But what option do you have?

You can ignore the signs
until it slowly kills you.

Or you can say
enough now.
And make a choice
to repair the damage,
erase some of the shame,
and allow yourself to be free.

no face woman © 2017



      1. I’m still finding it.. some days are better than others. It’s been one of the most painful experiences of my life, I just refuse to be stuck in it. Finally sharing it and finding my voice again with like minded people has also helped. Thank you for being here. Sending a big HUG to you!

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