Sensitive Soul

Sometimes my words
are lost on you.
I can see it,
but I try.

I recognise the pain
you are feeling.
I want so much
to help you.
Catch me on a good day,
I might be as wise
as ‘Grandma Willow’.
Catch me on a dark day
and I will be useless to you.

I am not even able
to keep up with
your conversation.

I am not able
to silence my mind
for long enough
to focus on what you say.

But I try.

And despite my need
for solitude,
my cancelling
of social arrangements,
I always see.
I always care.

And sometimes
it’s because
I’m feeling your emotions
so intensely,
that I need to gather my thoughts,
before I can put them into words.
Useful ones, at least.

It’s true what they say about mindfulness,
you know.
And when I tell you
that this, your darkest of times,
will one day prove itself
to be the bringer
of the most beautiful light
to your soul,
I know you think I speak
in riddles.

But one day soon
the darkness will lift.

Out of this period
you will find yourself.

And you will emerge
stronger, more powerful,
calm and considered.
You will feel able to cope
with anything they throw at you.

Because you have seen the darkness,
and you have found the light.

no face woman © 2017



  1. Great post! I can really relate to this, wanting to be helpful, sometimes not being able to. And having been through hell and back, we have insight that others may not understand yet. There is no light without shadow ❤

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    1. Yes. It’s difficult for people who are just beginning the process to see that there is possibility on the other side. I think I wrote a post about this? But it’s scary to have to face all the bad stuff in order to get through it, and it seems foreign. You are a good friend, I’m sure you know better than anyone what she needs. Another gift along side strength is knowing how to be there for others ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    2. The hardest part for me has been to refrain from suggesting what one should do and to just share my experience and that is enough. The planting seeds and just being there, and understanding, has been fruitful for me.

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