Different Worlds

Call it a spiritual awakening.
Call it a fall from grace.
Call it, perhaps,
finding yourself again.

Either way,
you recognise
that you are not the same

You once had so much
in common.

You shared
about boys,
make up,
going to the gym,
whatever was troubling you at work.

You hadn’t seen each other
in six months.
You apologised
for being
off the radar.

Explained your isolation.
Tried to put into words
the chasm in your heart,
the darkness you have felt.

You saw her
trying to understand.
She told you,
‘I am always here to listen’

But you saw the confusion
in her eyes.
A flash of
across her brow.

And you knew
in that moment,
that although
you are friends,
she will never truly recognise
this journey,
or any of your suffering,
because she has not lived
this life that you have seen.

And you wouldn’t wish it upon her.
Her charmed life
seems a thousand miles
from your own.

And although you want to be close,
you have not walked the same path.
She will never know your damage
and you will never see her point of view.

It hurts to walk away,
and perhaps,
you can limit your conversation
to the things you do have left
in common.

But now is the time
to be grateful
for those who
you can truly connect with.

You have your expatting pom.
You have your disorganised hippy.
You have your sensitive soul.
They are your heart tribe.
They will always understand
when you speak.

And it doesn’t mean
you can’t have other friends.
But choose your words
Step with care and tact.

And stay away from crowded places.
You know you can’t cope
with too many people,
with too much noise.

And it’s ok
to need silence
to survive.

This is who you are,
and that’s ok.



no face woman © 2017



  1. Nothing got me wiped like a dirty bum like losing my brother did. He was obviously murdered though thanks to police stealing from a crime scene we will only ever get an open finding. They did want us to accept suicide… for a naked man with his skull bashed in left to drown in a few inches of water. Almost freezing temperatures. It has been very rude of me over 22 years to remember him and still love him. Imagine what my mother copped… especially when she stopped drinking a year after. That is the height of rudeness for many.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, a lot of deep hurt can come before the understanding. I have had some very painful breaks occur in certain relationships and a hell of a lot of judgement. It takes time to realise it comes out of their lack of empathy and ability to relate. Many of my friends had more protection around them than I ever did and never went through repeated betrayals and abandonments, so how could they understand? It still hurts though but its a separating process.

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