Ugly Envy

Today, your oldest friend
made an enormous leap forward
in the development of cancer treatment
as a university research fellow
and board member.
She is contributing invaluable knowledge
to the world of healthcare.
She is smashing boundaries,
becoming a recognised expert
in her field.

Her commitment fills you with pride.
How you adore her.
How you love seeing strong women
excelling in their passions.
She is good hearted, intelligent,
kind, compassionate,
and humble, despite her success.
Everything a strong and beautiful woman should be.

[And what did you do today?
You sent a few emails
and got angry that someone sat with you
on a bus(!)… when you wanted to
mentally debrief from your day.
Ridiculous human being that you are].

(Ridiculous human being that I am)

But, people are different, aren’t they.

You told another female
all about the pride you had,
for this, your friends’ achievements.
And her envy made you see
the ugliness of feeling threat
in seeing others succeed.

How truly ugly, to display envy
rather than encouragement.
Criticism, rather than support…
for these, your sisters!

So you weren’t born to be a renowned scientist.
So you haven’t ‘self actualised’ yet.
So your journey is a little different,
a little imperfect,
a little muddled,
a few winding roads,
a few backwards steps.

It is your journey.
You were made to be you.

Be grateful for everything you’ve learned.
Be grateful for your difficult path.
For everything you go through
is a lesson.
Every suffering you observe,
part of your development,
part of your acquiring of wisdom.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.
You will find it in the end.

Keep your heart full of love,
never succumb to envy
and the world will smile back at you.

no face woman © 2017



  1. Good perspective. Weird energy today…. sort of like some sort of nasty hostility and self righteousness from people who have never been in a fight in their life or learned to use that aspect of life to protect others and society. Some very nasty encounters. Maybe their bank accounts of work not actually done yet are getting low

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