My Take on Things: Bridging the Gap

You want to know
‘my take on things’,
do you?

Am I allowed
to tell you
that I have always felt
like the odd one out?
Like the floating driftwood
between two family islands.

I carry neither of your names.
I do not share your culture.
I exist in a previous life,
don’t I?

Am I allowed
to tell you
that I find your disrespect
To tell you,
I think you are dramatic,
self indulgent,

Am I allowed
to say,
that your values are not mine.
That you expect too much,
give too little.

That you still behave
like children,
even in your mid thirties.

Can I say
without judgement,
that you should be
buying your own damn car.
Now you are an adult,
earning more than they ever have.

Can I tell you,
that there is one member
of this family
who does not want us to be close.
Who feels extreme jealousy
if we were to have
any kind of relationship.

There is one member
whose cheeks are green with envy
at the sight of me
with your child.

For I am the other one.
The one with another father.
The one who reminds you of
the mother you never asked for.
The one who is all too similar
to that which you have tried to destroy.

I have tried to be diplomatic.
I have tried to stay neutral.
I have stayed silent,
to my own detriment.

But if you ask me
for my
‘take on things’.

Do not expect me to agree
with you.
Do not expect my sympathy
for you have never attempted
to understand
anything about me.
Where my values lie,
or what my morals are.

And I will defend those who I love
to the end.

I am stronger than I look,
smarter than you think,
and I am ready for battle.


no face woman © 2017



  1. This is ace…you have a strong sense of self. I feel the injustice you must feel and it’s wrong of them. People often don’t take kindly to someone standing their ground, but it sounds like your emotional intelligence is what separates you from them, and that innate wisdom and intelligence is what means you will prevail. You’re amazing 😘 I’m right behind you xxx

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  2. ‘I am ready for battle’ was something I really needed to hear (see?) today.

    There is a lot of family stuff I’ve had to deal with growing up, it’s such a nightmare. Especially when adults act like children. I’m sorry you’ve felt this struggle, but you are strong and your voice matters. You should say how you feel, because you deserve to be heard. 💙

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  3. Very well written – ♥ it. I will be checking and following you as I would love to see more of you.
    I found you as Dewey Hop nominated you for my blog-aholic award. Well done, and hope to see your post when paying it forward. Please link back to me then I can read your post and then also meet your nominees. Thanks blog-aholic friend.

    Liked by 1 person

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