With Open Eyes

Oh the beauty of letting go.
To be able to say
with conviction,
“No, I don’t want any”.

And you really meant it,
this time.
What a place to finally reach.
What strength you have discovered.

You have learned to walk without your crutches.
You have spoken your truth.
You have found some empowerment.
And you finally have the strength
to stand up for yourself
and say

No I do not want your drugs.
No I do not want your words,
unless spoken whilst sound of mind.
No I do not want your criticisms
of those I hold dearest.

No, you will not keep me prisoner,
held within my own fear.

No, I am not afraid to see you.
No, you will not intimidate me.
No, I don’t care anymore.
And yes, I can pick out
a predator, in the crowd.

But no I mustn’t forget
that which holds me
to my senses.

Stay close to the ones
who are there by your side.
Stay level headed.
Don’t allow one slip
to leave you paranoid,
and forlorn.

And remember to write, my love.
It is your sanity.


no face woman © 2017



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