‘Don’t Settle’: a Note for the Narcissist

You are not permitted
to contact me
out of the blue.

Just because you found a letter
I wrote to you
ten years ago,
when along with others,
you destroyed my trust in men.

It’s great that you found a keepsake,
and that it means something to you now.
But what makes you think
I want to remember it too?

What gives you the right
to suddenly be interested
in how I am?

So you moved back
to where we grew up.
Should that mean something to me?
No I don’t want to go for a coffee with you.

And don’t refer to my partner
as ‘whatsisname’.
Do not attempt to invalidate
the things most dear to me.
(You know full well what his name is).

And do not tell me
you hope I’m happy now
‘even though we didn’t work out’
How dare you
assume it’s been so difficult for me
to figure out a life
without you in it.

I am wise to the narcissist now.
I know all the tricks.
I am not so easily persuaded
as the girl you knew ten years ago.

Do not belittle the work I have chosen.
Do not put down my relationship.
Do not tell me
‘don’t settle for anything less than amazing’
What else did you say…
“Someone who loves as much as you”.

What makes you think I would settle?
Do you think I still do not know my worth?

You know nothing of my relationship,
my friendships, my career,
You do not know me.

Don’t presume to speak to me
as if I am still the frightened,
21 year old
little girl
you used to know.

For I am the ferocious alpha female now.

I am a grown ass woman.

And I am not afraid of you.

How was I ever so vulnerable?
How did I not see before,
who you really are?

A selfish
little boy.

No, I don’t want to be friends with you.


no face woman © 2017



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