Praying Mantis, Rabid Dog

You can be aggressive ‘in a mindful way’.
You can be indignant, jealous and aloof.
You can hurt feelings with the words you say,
but that’s ok ’cause you’re ‘speaking your truth’.

You can patronise the people who love you.
You can throw kindness back in their face.
You can separate child from parent,
because you’re ‘coming from a loving place’.

You can tell everyone how you’ve suffered.
You can make them all feel sorry for you.
You can select the stories you tell them,
and of course, by accident, forget a few.

You have a gift for making people feel guilty.
You have a very clever way with words.
You make sure the right things are repeated,
things that incriminate you, never heard.

You are most skilled in playing the victim.
You understand just how to attack.
You use subtlety, underhanded,
before they notice the knife in their back.

But I have eyes and I can see you,
dripping your poison into their ears.
I am rabid, ferocious and mean now
and I’ve been waiting to attack for years.

I am prepared to defend my honour.
I am prepared to protect them too.
I’ve been silent for too long now.
I am stronger and I’m coming for you.



no face woman © 2017



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