For Anne

You may never know
just how much
I’ve benefitted
from your presence in my life.
If only for a short time.

You have provided for me
an objective viewpoint,
a patient ear,
a kind smile.

Today I said to you
I am ready
to spread my wings
and fly alone.

I am ready
to release myself
from your care,
albeit reluctantly.

And yes, I have formed
an attachment to you.
You have become
a pillar of wisdom,
a cornerstone of solidarity.

You have represented
in which no judgement exists.

You have allowed me
to speak freely,
for the first time.

You have taught me
calmness, serenity.
You have taught me
never to pin my happiness
solely on another human being.
You have taught me acceptance.
You have taught me
to let go of my rage,
my hurt.

And yes I said thank you,
but you will never know
quite what a difference
you’ve made to me.
And how very grateful I am
for everything you’ve given me.

no face woman © 2017


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