Into the Fray

They dragged you,
kicking and screaming
into the fray.
Into the lion’s den,
or so you perceived.

You crumbled and you wept.
You took yourself to secret places,
where nobody could see your tears.

You watched as the demon prowled.
You held your trembling heart,
as you faced the horrors of your past.

You walked, blinded by fear.
Surrounded by faces familiar.
Convinced of the whispers.
Convinced of your reputation in tatters.

Then somebody smiled at you.
Somebody greeted you,
with a warm embrace.
You lifted your head,
pushed aside your shame.

Met their eyes
and saw their faces.
Friendly, smiling eyes.
Familiar hearts,
welcoming you
with open arms.

And slowly but surely,
the liquid emotion
evaporated from your cheeks.
You released your trembling hands
from beneath your knees.
You were able to breathe again.

Somebody told you,
“I want to see that electric wit back tomorrow”
Your smile returned.
You remembered who you are.

And the demons
didn’t appear so monstrous
any longer.



no face woman © 2017



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