You appeared in my life,
only by chance.
The same job,
the same friends.

I was with another,
back then.

You watched me,
struggling blindly through life,
stumbling one foot over the other.
Losing my way,
falling to my knees.

Wading through darkness,
a predator on every corner.
I let them all in, didn’t I?
Such was my lack of self respect.
Making mistake after mistake.
Alienating those who cared.
Waking up with pounding head
and aching soul.

You watched it all,
and still you loved me.

You have seen me
make friends, lose them.
Find myself,
and lose myself again.

You have been there
to tell me,
“That person is bad for you”.
Even when I couldn’t see it myself.
You were always one step ahead.

You saw through me.
Through my self damage,
through my insecurities.
Through all of my abhorrent behaviour.

You noticed the inside of me,
reached in and pulled it out.
Stood by my side,
arm on my shoulder,
as I slowly began
to recover what was left
of my self esteem.

You have never deserted me,
even when I deserved it.

And through you
I have learnt to be
a better person.
A person I am proud to be.

A loyal partner.
A reliable friend.
A stable daughter and sister.

You have saved me,
in every way that it’s possible
to save a person.

You will never know
quite the depth of my debt to you.

And in return,
I will stand by you.
I will be loyal, faithful,
supportive and always forgiving.

I will never desert you.

You are my light in the darkness,
and I probably owe you my life.


no face woman © 2017



        1. It’s no problem! 🙂 Also, I usually view blogs in the reader (due to being on a phone), and often look at your posts and enjoy them … but today I’ve visited your site on an actual computer, and I have to say it’s quite beautiful!

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