Taking the Plunge

You look cute in a baggy denim shirt.
You can wear harem pants,
if you want to.
You don’t need to be like them,
you’re doing just fine being you.

It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks.

You don’t have to fit a mould.
You don’t have to be a corporate slave.
You don’t have to do their ‘blue sky thinking’.
You don’t have to play by their rules.

Somebody told you:

“There is something you want to do, do it”

“Stop being afraid, take the leap”

And today, you took the first step.


You chose action over fear.
You chose the pursuit of your dreams.
You chose not to let money stand in your way.

(and yes, it’s ok to congratulate yourself sometimes)

You will find your path.
You will remember
this triumphant feeling.

Let it continue this way
going forth.

You got this.

no face woman © 2017



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