Wheat from Chaff

What incredible relief,
to finally see
through awakened eyes.

Eyes no longer blinded
by years of self doubt.
Years of apologising
for your own existence.

To finally possess
eyes that can see clearly
every darkened crevice
of human nature.
Eyes that can pierce through 
the veil of impurity,
shatter it with truth.

To finally stand up tall
and say “no”.
No, you are not a good friend to me.
No, I don’t agree with your point of view.
No, I don’t have to keep you in my life,
when you bring nothing positive with you.

And so you separate the wheat from the chaff,
in a brutal culling of acquaintances.
You begin to say “no
and you learn the beauty of freedom.

That one who said,
“We’ve been friends for so many years”
“I value your friendship so much”

And yet, on six occasions 
you have asked
how they are.
Listened while they chatted freely,
never thinking to simply say,
‘how are you?’
in return.
They didn’t mean to hurt your feelings,
it’s just that, in their world
nobody else matters.

And you will say
“no more of this!”

You will treasure your time.
You will give it only
to those cherished few.

And what beauty those cherished few hold.
What depth of character.
What strength of soul.
What bountiful intellect and compassion.
Everything you admire in them, 
they encourage in you.
You grow together,
and you learn your worth.

Yes, you did something right,
among all of the wrongs.
You found a few sacred companions.

And now you see things clearly,
you will make only time for them.
And you will not let them down
in the pursuit of being ‘everything to everyone’,
ever again.

no face woman © 2017



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