Corporate Monsters

How can you stand there
and tell your people
‘We can’t afford
More than 0.4%.’

When you sit
in the knowledge,
that your CEO
has received a pay rise
That marks his income
at 4.15 million.

How can you look
your people in the eye?
Your people at minimum wage.
And say to them,

‘Your 0.4% is dependent
on giving up your bank holidays,
on working until 10pm.’

Giving up time
with family and friends.
Their best years spent
slaving in your dimly lit offices.
Tethered to a cord,
thirty years or more.

And how DARE you
stand with smiling conviction,
whilst you insult
the very people
who turn the cogs
in your ugly corporate machine.

A grinning demon,
as you take from the poor,
give more to the rich.

Yes we are disillusioned.
Yes we are vengeful.
Yes we are full of rage.

You watch
as your people struggle
to pay their rent,
to feed their children.
You wait until the 21st December,
to tell them
they no longer have a job.

And yes,
businesses is business,
there is always a hierarchy.

But must you be so callous?

And this obscene wealth,
you flaunt so repugnantly.
Of course it provokes
a visceral reaction.

The rage in our gut
rising to our throats,
spilling through our teeth,
thick tar of resentment,
wretched abandon.

Until we can no longer
‘go about our day as normal
until an agreement is reached’,

No longer put our efforts
into supporting this ugly machine.
You have lost our loyalty.
You have lost our commitment.

We don’t want your
‘Blue sky thinking’.
We refuse to,
‘Take this offline’.
We want fairness.
We demand respect.

We will storm your ivory tower,
where you roll in your millions.
Sucking on fat cigars.
Swilling your liquor.
Red faced, laughing monsters,
laughing at your minions.

Laughing, at the very people
who put the food in your belly,
the gold in your bank,
this false god you worship.

We have been silent for too long.
This is the time for change.



no face woman © 2017



  1. And we can be a part of the transformation from obscenity to understanding by standing true to our own values and what matters. It’s never easy for this who don’t have an education . This society feels more and more redundant … like the Roman Empire. Founded in solid values and ideals … and losing it along the way to greed and avarice.

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