The Mediator

How easily you persuade me
of the wrong doing
of each other.

In every exchange,
you convince me
of the validity
in your grievances.

And so I agree.
I agree and I agree.
I try to stay tactful.
I try to reassure you.
I maintain empathy
for both sides.

But how careful
must I be,
to ensure my words
do not go misheard,
miscommunicated back
to the rest of them.

How can I trust either of you
to refrain from using my words
against me?
You both hold a history of this.

How can I be sure
that what you say is true,
when you have begun to lie?
White lies, meaningless really,
but enough for people to notice.

How can I protect you
when your words are dishonest?
I am your flesh and blood,
but you tear my soul in two.

I feel convinced
this is not the person
I have known
for the entirety of my existence.

I feel sure, there is something else
causing you to lose your way.
An MRI revealed nothing,
or so you tell me.

And so I stand by you,
despite my uncertainty,
despite your indiscretions.

I am allowing my thoughts to fall
into one place.
Does this mean I have chosen my side

I believe you are in the wrong,
both of you.
And I am so drained
from this position
you have placed me in.

In the middle.
The most difficult place to be.



no face woman © 2017



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