On Loss

We are but stardust,
floating on this earth
for a nanosecond
in time.

And oh how we waste
precious moments.
Agonising over small fragments
of our existence.

Analysing our appearance.
Quibbling over small matters.
In the office,
between family members,
disagreements with friends.

And if we only knew
the horror of waiting.
Seeking to maintain control.
Losing faculties.
Losing limbs.

If we only knew,
the preciousness of our time.
Would we waste so many hours,
worrying over meaningless fancies?

You lost your dearest companion
this weekend.
We spoke on the phone.
You told me your story.

And I hate to hear you so sad,
my love.
You held yourself together
with such dignity and poise,
as you always do.

I could hear your voice
breaking alongside your heart.

And let us resolve
to savour every precious moment,
with those who we love.

Let us remember,
not to hold anger,
not to resent others.
Not to compare ourselves,
not to hold on to past traumas.

Let us remember in this moment,
to move forward.
To love,
to always be kind
and to treasure the people we love.

For we are mere fragments of stars.
And one day we too
will return to the same earth
that gave us this life
we are so very grateful for.


no face woman © 2017



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