One day my love.
One day
you will return,
to that which granted you
this most beautiful life,
that you treasure so dearly.

The vast and magnificent oceans.
The spellbinding eeriness of the forest.
The serenity of the shore.
The grounding stability of the earth
beneath your feet.

One day, my love.
You will wander
farther than you ever
thought possible.

You will pause by waters,
melting from snow capped peaks.
You will bathe in pools of spring water.
You will take comfort
in the shade of leafy branches above.

You will watch in awe,
as the most fearsome of creatures
step into your path.
You will meet their eyes
in indignant defiance,
as you share the world
that humans have forgotten.

You will return to your most natural state.
Pluck berries from the trees,
seeds from the earth.
You will bathe in the light of the evening sun.

And oh how the beauty of this earth
fills you with such wonder.
Your heart swells with the glory of it all
and you feel you may burst,
with adoration and gratitude
that you may be allowed
to walk this earth
as a free woman.



no face woman © 2017



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