With every subtle rejection,
you chip away a piece
of my love.

Friction leaves my flesh numb.
Hardened in scar tissue.
Turned to coal,
solid and cold to the touch.

My heart hardens
with every strike.
Shrinks away inside itself,
until there is nothing left
but this tiny remnant
I cling to.

I wrap myself tighter,
coiled around this lump of coal,
protection from the elements.
Grasping what little heat is left.
Breathing warmth weakly
into glowing embers.

I ponder my future.
I read.
I sit.
I stare.

And you look on,

Perhaps it is your obliviousness
that renders me incapable
of speech.

To think I could hurt you,
by merely saying
‘I need more than this’.

I couldn’t do that,
Could I.



no face woman © 2017
Image: Heart Of Stone by Cathie Douglas



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