Scratching the Itch: Having a word with myself.

What are you looking for now,
my dear?

Something is stirring
deep within you.

A hole you cannot fill.
An itch you cannot scratch.
Something slipping through your fingers?

And what is it?
What is nagging at you?
What is tugging at your heart?
When you see photographs.

Photographs of family.
Photographs of travel.
Photographs of food.

What is it that you are searching for?

Are you simply struck
by the wealth of information available to you?
Does it make you crave
more than you have been blessed with?
Are you yet another slave
to social media envy?

(and how are so many people managing to afford
to travel so much, anyway?!)

Are you missing something vital?
Something you believe
you deserve more of?

Is it experience?
Is it freedom?
Is it love?

Perhaps you are bored
with your whereabouts.
Perhaps you need to journey far.
Express yourself to people who
think the same way you do,
or even completely differently.

Perhaps you need
To cast off that which
you feel is binding you.
Money? Career? Routine?

Perhaps you criticise the others,
because you so desperately wish
you could do it too.

Just disappear into the world.
Hike through the forest.
Dance upon the shore.
Talk about those things
you hold most dear.

With someone who understands.

Or perhaps you need to just
get off social media(!)
Stop comparing your looks,
your relationship, your job,
your travel experiences
to everyone else’s.

And just be grateful
for the wonderful life
you have been given…

(and maybe next year,

book a holiday!)



no face woman © 2017



  1. Fab post lovely. I left social media (apart from wordpress obvs) and am so much happier and more grounded in my own reality and how my reality is actually quite nice without those social media comparisons! A social media detox is healthy in my experience 👍👊💜💜💜

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