On Intimacy & Sensitivity

And just like that,
with the flick of a switch,
all is right with the world.

Are we such creatures
of predictability?
Are we such creatures 
of tactile need,
that our worries
 can be resolved
with a single embrace?

You have been feeling lonely,
of late.
It affects you so deeply,
to not be presented
with just a hint of affection,
before you close your eyes.

And how your mind runs circles,
my love.
How you stumble over your thoughts.
Your emotions twisted
into self deprecation.

It must be the way I look.
It must be the way I talk.
I must be so disinteresting.

And you gaze at him,
so blissfully unaware
of the storm that rages constantly
inside of everything that you are.

A storm that is not his burden to carry.
A storm, unrelenting to your will.
So blissfully ignorant
to your ever rushing thoughts.

And you wish
you could silence your mind,
for just a moment, or two.
Turn off the power
and cease the whirring of cogs,
to ease the chaos in which you dwell.

If only you could switch off your brain
and enjoy the silence.

But this is who you are, my love.

Your mind will always run wild
with every eventuality.

You will always absorb
every nuanced emotion
in every living thing that you see.

You will carry the weight of empathy
on your shoulders.

This is what it means to be highly sensitive.

And there is nothing wrong with you.



no face woman © 2017



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