You are Everything

I want you to know
that the person you are
is perfect for me.

There is nothing about you
that I would change.
And there is nothing you could do
to make me fall out of love with you.

I love that you are honest with me.
I love that you don’t just tell me
what you think I want to hear.

I love that you don’t seek
to impress anyone else.
And that you don’t need
attention from anyone
to give you validation
or an ego boost.

I love that you have
a small circle of people
you care about,
and don’t waste time on those
who wouldn’t be there for you.

I love that I can trust you.
Because I’ve never had that
in a partner before.

I love that you come home to me
every night,
and that I never have to worry
about where you are
or whether you’re safe.

I love that you look out for me
and tell me when you think
there are people around me
that aren’t worth my efforts.

But most of all,
I respect you.
I respect you for your morals.
I respect you for your steadfast loyalty.
I respect you for the way you behave towards women.

And if ever you start to feel
like you aren’t good enough,
know that you are more than enough,

and you are everything
to me.


no face woman © 2017




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