“Sometimes there’s so much beauty in the world, I feel like I can’t take it, and my heart is just going to cave in”. – Ricky Fitts: American Beauty


How to ever quantify
the crushing weight of emotion,
into such a simple thing
as the language you speak.

A shared connection
with another soul.
Staring into the eyes,
an open window to the spirit,
man or beast.
The undeniable knowledge
that they hold the very same fragments
of the universe,
inside their every cell.

How overwhelming
to consider
the unique compilation
of experiences,
that fuse together
to form each and every
person we meet.

To look at your partner
and put aside
any attachments you formed
in childhood.
To see the gentleness of their nature
and realise,
they don’t need to be what you expected.
They just need to be them,
in all of their awesome beauty.

How to quantify
each moment,
lest you forget.

Building a snowman
in the garden with your father.
Standing under a redwood tree
with your baby sister, your blood.

Eating the best lasagne you ever tasted
in a tiny bistro in Bruges.
The heartbreak blinded you,
for a moment in time.

To gaze at the sky
and know that every unique
formation of clouds
is here for but a moment,
never to be glimpsed again.

The memory of standing
beneath cherry blossoms,
as their petals fell around you.
Their scent filling your nostrils,
breathing in flower fresh air.
You were seven then.

Oh the unbearable extremity
of emotion.
Your heart swells
with the light and the darkness.
Each equally powerful,
as they take their turn
to occupy your mind.

Yes you can be hateful.
Full of spitting venom and rage.
The injustice you see,
enveloping your every thought,
occupying the darkest recesses
of your mind.

But on days like today,
you feel the fog lift.
You rise from your holding place,
submerged in the ocean

You lift your head.
You laugh again.
You see the beauty in the people around you,
appreciate their many flaws and quirks.

And right now, in this moment,
there is so much
to be thankful for.
You feel like your heart may explode,
with love for every person you have known.
Every experience you have had.
Every dark day, that led you to this place.

This place of acceptance.
This place of growth.
This place of patience.

And you will sleep easy now.


no face woman © 2017



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