[Image: Frog & Toad by Arnold Lobel]

Something has been changing,
hasn’t it, my love?

Would you call it personal growth?
Would you call it re-education?
Would you call it
a gradual breaking apart
of all the beliefs
you were told you should have?

Yes, you are slowly
reprogramming your mind.
Relieving yourself of many things
you were taught.
Much of what you believed
about who you are
and what you can do…
(what you deserve?
that’s what they said).

And doesn’t it feel wonderful?!

And this new environment,
are these your people?
It feels like they could be, doesn’t it?

Here, you can be yourself,
say the words
that have stuck in your throat
for so many years.
You make an observation,
and they cry ‘YES!’
With recognition, with acceptance.

What a comfort,
to finally be heard.

But now, when you go back
to the other place,
You are met with confusion,
Do they think you cold? Indifferent?
Quite the opposite is true.

And can you tell them
just how sensitive you are
to every unspoken interaction
around you?
That even when you don’t appear to notice,
you can’t help but notice everything.

And would they even understand?

It’s clear they are confused by you now.
You see them glance over.
Their mouths move, don’t they,
but the sound coming out
is alien to you.

You used to speak the same language.

And it must have been coming for a while,
whilst your back was turned.
But all of a sudden,
the connection was gone.
You stared at blank expressions.
They spoke in a foreign tongue.
And all at once,
you became strangers.


no face woman © 2017



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