Women (this is a place for…)

This growth is owed to you.
These women,
who support each other.
Who empower themselves and others.
Who strive for nothing less
than exceptional…
Not in success, money or power,
but in empathy, compassion and kindness.

These women,
who have suffered
unthinkable horrors.
These women,
who have gathered
the pieces of their broken souls
from the tarmac.
Clutching precious fragments,
patiently gluing each piece to it’s match
until they find themselves
whole again.

These women,
who speak such words of kindness,
despite the aching of their hearts,
despite the injustice they see,
despite the many burdens they carry.

These women,
whose compassion knows no limits,
who devote their time
without agenda
to the needs of others.

Somehow they don’t fall apart.
Somehow they are still joyous… beautiful.
Somehow they do not allow bitterness to take over.
Their resilience renders me speechless.

It is to these women
I owe the very fabric of my being,
the very existence I can now call worthwhile.

It is all because of you.



no face woman © 2017


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