Chasing Predators

She is ready now.
She has spent many years
trying to piece together
the horrors of the past.

She comes to you
as one soul to another,
in the hopes you will recognise
the extent of the damage
you caused.

There are three of you.
Three monsters to be overcome.
Three lurking demons
in the shadows of her history.

She asks you to tell her,
so she may finally be free.

And how will you respond?

Will you be a brave enough man
to address the turmoil you created?
Will you have the courage
to give her the answers she seeks?

She asks you
not with the intent of threat,
not even with the vengeance of scorn.
Not even with the hatred you deserve.
She asks you
in effort to understand.

She simply asks you ‘why’.
Why did you do this to me?
Why did you take my innocence?
Why did you choose me?

And how will you respond?

She fears she may be required
to turn inwards once more.
To speak to the frightened girl inside,
when your answers do not come.
To tell her, ‘it’s ok, we knew he was a coward, didn’t we?’.

Because only a coward would take innocence
from a child… right?

She wonders, if perhaps she should take a different approach.
The threat of action?
The threat of justice.
And is putting this in your hands
just another way she has given up her power?


no face woman © 2018



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