And you begin to see
the beauty in yourself.
‘At last!’
Your soul cries.

You start to run,
heart pounding in your chest,
as you remember,
“I am alive!”

You remember how it felt
to care for yourself,
to get a hair cut,
to make yourself look presentable.

You remember how it felt
to feel powerful, feminine, beautiful.

You give your heart
to the one you love.
Fully, without question.
Without the encompassing dread
that filled your mind,
in the years gone by.

You learn to trust again.
You feel stable in your home.
You stop giving of yourself
to those who don’t care for you.

You become your authentic self.
You begin to socialise again.
You see friends, you laugh.
You feel comfortable looking in the mirror.
You like what you see.

And your soul cries,
At last!

Your mother rejoices
at seeing you finally
realising your potential.

She has spent many years
in the depths of worry
for the life you may create
for yourself.

Nights spent with demons and scavengers.
They are no more.

You found somebody to care for you.
You found it, only when you could finally
learn to love yourself.

And my dearest,
what greater feeling is there?



no face woman © 2018



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